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Message from the principal
Dear all Huaxia Edison Families / 尊敬的各位华夏爱迪生中文学校家长:
Many thanks to all our parents, students, TAs, teachers and admins for your cooperation to make our first school day going smoothly and well-ordered. Please note the following items for your attentions:
1) 本周日(九月十四日)学校正常上课。 成人文体课正式开课。 九月份下两个周日也将正常上课。 Our School will open normally on this Sunday, Sept. 14, as well as Sept. 21 and 28. Adult's culture classes will start this Sunday.
2) 教室变更通知。 Classroom adjustment - due to some last minute changes and requests, the following classroom changes have been arranged: 班级 时段 原教室 --》 新教室 三年级(1) 班 1:30-3:20PM 115 112 马立平六级(1)班 3:30-5:20PM 115 108 effective last Sunday which will stay for the year.
3) The next Sunday midnight (09/21) will be the deadline for families to submit request to transfer or drop out classes. No request will be approved after the deadline. If any credit results in your family account, we would recommend that you keep it in the account for future use to avoid the processing fee by PayPal again. Please send a message to if you would like the money be refunded to your credit card. Please refer to the Admission Notice or the message sent last week for registration related information. For any registration related questions, please contact our registration admins with your Family ID, or Reg.# or the phone number used for registration so that our admins will be able to locate the related information and follow-up. Parents of young students, especially those who are new to the school, please do not leave your children alone. It will be good for young students to carry a sticker/card with parent's names and phone numbers just in case. For any emergency (for example, finding children, lost in direction, etc.), please prepare and discuss with your children for emergency handling and come to Room 102 so that we can help out together. The School map is attached for your reference, especially for locating classrooms, which can also be located under: where Rooms between 143 and 146 are often referred as M.R. (Multi-Purpose Room) All teachers have been notified to be on time for teaching.
4) The following documents have been electronically delivered to each student and family last week:
a) Huaxia Edison Chinese School Student’s Code of Conduct (华夏爱迪生分校学生守则)
b) Huaxia Edison Chinese School Parent’s Duties (华夏爱迪生分校家长职责)
c) Huaxia Edison Chinese School Teacher’s Duties (华夏爱迪生分校教师职责)
d) Huaxia Edison Chinese School 2014-2015 Calendar Please review and go over them with the student(s) and follow the rules. Please keep the school safe. Students are not allowed to use any school equipments including computers and neither to use/take/move any classroom supplies. Please make sure your children bring their own supplies. Please respect the EHS student and teacher’s works in the classroom and do not touch them to avoid any damage. As announced previously, please advise student not to play basketball/volleyball in the hallway.
5) For those of you who just recently registered, please subscribe our Huaxia Edison Chinese School Yahoo group by sending an email to: from your family account email address. School notices from admin and parent council will mostly be sent to parents through this Yahoo group.
6) Some recent registered students did not get the text books in the first day of the school. Our Academic team and Dean have been actively following the registration in order to decide the volume of the ordering of text-books based on the latest registered students (paid or not paid) with anticipated numbers of additions including teacher's copy (if needed) at our best efforts. As the ordering of textbooks takes time and the result of some last minute registrations, changes across different grade class, etc., some students did not get the textbooks and/or exercise materials, although school admins and TAs have been helping to offer whatever left over from previous years (if not changed) and making photocopies if all possible. Your understanding and patients are very much appreciated. We have collected the textbook requirement based on the registered students and will distribute the missing ones coming Sunday. 马立平教材本周日会发到班上。 We do encourage early registration as indicated earlier for future reference, not only for registers to avoid late charges, but also to secure your textbooks on the first day of the school.
7) Huaxia Mind Sports Game will be held on October 19 (Sunday) at Huaxia Bridgewater (same location as the last year). The registration has started. Please find attached application forms for filling up and send to our Parents Council leader Dr. Jun Zhao (赵 军) at and 908-392-3430 for registration collection electronically, or go to parental council table during our normal school hours for registration forms and detail information. Announcement will be sent to related event leaders and culture teachers. 2014华夏中文学校智力运动会将于2014年10月19日8点30分 - 4点30分, 在华夏中文学校桥水分校举行。各单项比赛9/10开始注册,10/10报名结束。详细内容请参照附件。我校将和往年一样组队参加。希望大家踊跃报名。我校将支持和赞助所有参赛者,并免去报名费(包括所有团体及单项)。 报名方式: 填写报名表(见附件) 后电邮给赵军 at; 908-392-3430
8) Notice for Chinese Writing competition 美国《侨报》第三届少年儿童中文写作大赛正式启动。大赛旨在激发美国少年儿童学习中文的积极性,在海外弘扬中华文化。参赛主题:“根”或“我的好朋友”。 详情见附件。 以往两届比赛我校都有学生获奖,我校也曾荣获最佳组织奖。请同学们积极参与,踊跃投稿。10月19日和26日第二节课邓莉家长将在大饭厅家长会值班桌前帮助学校收集稿件。
9) Thanks for our volunteer's continuous/new contributions. There were more than 50 volunteers signed up for our TAs. Although some volunteer's interests and availabilities are in conflict, we are working closely with teachers for good quality classes with smooth TA assignments. Please come to Room 102 for any discussion regarding your TA interest and availability, if you haven't got the chance. Please do come to sign up volunteer signing sheet every week for record purpose.
10) Please note that Band-Aid can be located in Parent Council Desk in case needed. For any lost and found related request, please contact Parents Council leader Dr. Jun Zhao (赵 军) at and 908-392-3430.
11) You may refer to some photos taken on the first day. Hope you all enjoy the smooth first day at school. Please contact us for any questions. Thanks again and look forward to the coming weeks' smooth, safe and success in our school.
See you all Sunday at school!
Simon Lin 林胜天
Principal of Huaxia Edison Chinese School
Tel: (732)613-1281
Call for Volunteers
Dear HuaXia Parents,
There are still some position available for student volunteers. Please see the assignment for volunteers. Your kid is highly encouraged to apply for student volunteer position and serve HuaXia Edison Chinese School. If your kid is interested in any position, please send me his/her information to
Dong Wei (VP - HuaXia Edison Chinese School)
HXEdison Newsletter #202 要目
  • 校务通知
  • 颁奖仪式汇硕果 结业典礼聚一堂
  • 华夏爱迪生中文学校举办2014结业典礼及年终颁奖
  • 感谢赞助 Donation Acknowledgements
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  • Emergency and Fire Drill evacuation procedure
    English Version
    Chinese Version
    Note: the map is included towards the end of the document.
    About hxedison yahoogroups
    From time to time, the parent council and the school admin sends out news and other useful information to the hxedison yahoogroups.

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    我校近年的蓬勃发展需要一座大型的校舍。而能租用高中校舍,并不是一件很容易的事情。我们能否继续租用高中校舍,取决于我们大家如何对待和使用它。我校所有学生和家长必须与高中的校工配合,自觉维护学校的一切设施,不能动用教室里的书本、计算机、文具等,不能损坏高中学生的作品,不能把食品和饮料带到餐厅以外的地方(矿泉水除外)。 请全体师生家长自觉遵守上述规定以及学校的其他有关规定,把我们的学校办得更好!
    Edison Chinese School Official Student Rules, Teacher's Duty and Parents Reponsibilities Published
    You can find these three documents on the administration page by click on the "Administraion" button above.

    如果本校因天气影响 不能开课, 请您注意查看本网站有关通知及 收听有关电台:WCTC 1450 AM 或 98.3 FM。如在当日早 10:00am 前无通知,本校将照常上课。

    Class time: Sun 1:30pm - 5:30pm
    2014-2015 School Year
    Fall Semester
    (for full year calendar click here)
    秋季学期开始。中文/小孩文体课. Fall Semester Starts. Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/小孩文体课; 成人文体颗开始。Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    秋游, 天气不好顺延一周至10/11/2014
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes; 总校智力运动会(地点:桥水分校)
    中文课期中考试/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes; Mid-term Exam for Chinese Classes;
    中文/文体课 中文课家长教师会议 Chinese/Cultural Classes; Parent-Teacher Conference for Chinese Classes
    学校放假。No school
    总校中文教师会议Teacher Conference - Day 1
    学校放假。No school; 总校中文教师会议Teacher Conference - Day 2
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    学校放假。No school
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    学校放假。No school
    学校放假。No school
    总校演讲比赛 OPT1(地点:李文斯顿分校)
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes; 总校演讲比赛 OPT2(地点:李文斯顿分校)
    学校放假。No School
    中文课期末考试/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes;Final Exam for Chinese Classes
    春季学期开始。中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes Spring Semester Starts
    中国新年晚会 - Chinese New Year Celebration Party