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Message from the principal
Dear HX Edison Chinese School families / 尊敬的各位华夏爱迪生中文学校家长:
Thanks for those who had registered the new year classes and those who called to follow up with questions and comments. Our new year school calendar,2014-2015 校历,is available here.

Good news for those who are interested to debate class. As you might have already observed from our new school year calendar, the 2014-2015 Huaxia debate competition will be held at our school. Teacher for the debate class has now become available and the class has now been open and added to the registration system. Please register the class as early as possible if you are interested so that the class can be confirmed. Please also note that the late registration fees for this class will be waived.

The details for the new class, 中文辩论课, are:
Chinese Debate (中文辩论课) Time: 2:30-3:20PM
请感兴趣的家长尽快注册(无需迟注册费)。包括下列文化课 (学校对报名学生人数有最低要求)。
By the way, for those who are interested in the following culture classes:
欢乐电子学 Time: 1:30-2:20PM
古筝 Time: 1:30-2:20PM
少年书法班 Time: 1:30-2:20PM
please register at your earliest convenience. The school requires minimum number of culture class students for moving forward.

For those who had registered other class earlier (when the debate class was not available) for the same class period of 2:30-3:20p as the debate class and would like to switch the class, please following the following steps:
1) Log into our registration system
2) 申请退转课
3) Select the class you would like to switch from, enter the debate class by selecting from the list, click 申请转课
The school registration admins will proceed the request in the back end and approved with notification. There will be no late registration fees for this and no additional switching class fees.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) will be on Monday, Sept.8, the day after our school opens on Sept.7. 学校将和往年一样组织在大饭厅卖月饼。 The school has thus arranged the Moon cake sales in the school cafeteria area as previous years on the first school day. Hope you all enjoy the Moon cake Sales.
Best wishes to the start of 2014-2015 school year!
林胜天/Simon Lin
华夏爱迪生中文学校校长/Principal, Huaxia Edison Chinese School
电话: (732) 613-1281
Call for Volunteers
Dear Parents/Volunteers,
If your children are interested in volunteering for the 2014-2015 school year at Huaxia Edison Chinese School, please ask your children to send the following information to me at . This includes those of you who had volunteered for our school in the past and would like to continue your contributions.
1. Chinese Name
2. English Name
3. Age at the beginning of September 2014
4. Availability (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th period, e.g. 1:30 PM ~ 2:20 PM, 2:30 PM ~ 3:20 PM, 3:30 PM ~ 4: 20 PM and 4:30 PM ~ 5:20 PM)
5. Email address
6. Phone number
7. Interests (for instance, Chinese class TA, Basketball class TA, Volleyball TA, office assistant, etc.)
8. Why should our school consider you for the position? (If you have volunteered at our school last year, or your chess rating is 700+ for chess TA, please indicate that)

For those of you who had volunteered for our school during previous year(s) and would like to continue your contributions in the same area and schedule as the previous ones, it will be first to consider unless otherwise notified. Please indicate your interests in this case. We will assume that you will not be available if we do not receive your email.

All volunteers will report to Room 102, the registration office, on or before the related class starts (different periods depending on classes), on the first day of the school, 9/7/2014, for volunteer signature or any related arrangement or discussions. We are in the process in gathering TA requests and gathering volunteers' information along with assigning student volunteers for the details and will sure communicate accordingly. Dong Wei and our admins will be in the registration office to answer your questions and make necessary arrangement.

Please do not hesitate to drop by the office in Room 102 on 9/7 if you have any question.

Dong Wei (VP - HuaXia Edison Chinese School)
HXEdison Newsletter #202 要目
  • 校务通知
  • 颁奖仪式汇硕果 结业典礼聚一堂
  • 华夏爱迪生中文学校举办2014结业典礼及年终颁奖
  • 感谢赞助 Donation Acknowledgements
  • 文体课汇报演出
  • 应届高中毕业生回华夏爱迪生传授经验
  • 中文AP班在全美2014春季考试中取得优异成绩
  • Emergency and Fire Drill evacuation procedure
    English Version
    Chinese Version
    Note: the map is included towards the end of the document.
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    我校近年的蓬勃发展需要一座大型的校舍。而能租用高中校舍,并不是一件很容易的事情。我们能否继续租用高中校舍,取决于我们大家如何对待和使用它。我校所有学生和家长必须与高中的校工配合,自觉维护学校的一切设施,不能动用教室里的书本、计算机、文具等,不能损坏高中学生的作品,不能把食品和饮料带到餐厅以外的地方(矿泉水除外)。 请全体师生家长自觉遵守上述规定以及学校的其他有关规定,把我们的学校办得更好!
    Edison Chinese School Official Student Rules, Teacher's Duty and Parents Reponsibilities Published
    You can find these three documents on the administration page by click on the "Administraion" button above.

    如果本校因天气影响 不能开课, 请您注意查看本网站有关通知及 收听有关电台:WCTC 1450 AM 或 98.3 FM。如在当日早 10:00am 前无通知,本校将照常上课。

    Class time: Sun 1:30pm - 5:30pm
    2014-2015 School Year
    Fall Semester
    (for full year calendar click here)
    秋季学期开始。中文/小孩文体课. Fall Semester Starts. Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/小孩文体课; 成人文体颗开始。Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    秋游, 天气不好顺延一周至10/11/2014
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes; 总校智力运动会(地点:桥水分校)
    中文课期中考试/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes; Mid-term Exam for Chinese Classes;
    中文/文体课 中文课家长教师会议 Chinese/Cultural Classes; Parent-Teacher Conference for Chinese Classes
    学校放假。No school
    总校中文教师会议Teacher Conference - Day 1
    学校放假。No school; 总校中文教师会议Teacher Conference - Day 2
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    学校放假。No school
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes
    学校放假。No school
    学校放假。No school
    总校演讲比赛 OPT1(地点:李文斯顿分校)
    中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes; 总校演讲比赛 OPT2(地点:李文斯顿分校)
    学校放假。No School
    中文课期末考试/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes;Final Exam for Chinese Classes
    春季学期开始。中文/文体课 Chinese/Cultural Classes Spring Semester Starts
    中国新年晚会 - Chinese New Year Celebration Party