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Administration Team
The school organization consists of the General Membership, School Administrative Council, Board of Trustees, and Parents Council. The General Membership is composed of all the parents of the students. The School Administrative Council consists of the Principal, Vice Principal and other staff who manage the school classes and activities. There are also seven supporting committees to assist in daily school adminstrative and student activities.
In 2011, the Edison Chinese School updated Student Rules ,Teacher's Duty and Parent Responsibility.

School Administrative Council (effective Sept. 1, 2021)
Principal: D Mr. Yi Li 917-403-1675
Academic Dean: Dr. Dajin Wang ()
Assistant Academic Dean: Ms. Jingjun Li () 732-669-9369
Accountant: Ms. Cindy Yu (), CPA 732-896-0272
Assistant Accountant Ms. Xin Zhang (ܰ 732-331-2588

Parents Council
Chair: Mr. Guoliang Cao ( ܹ ) 732-215-8525

Members of Huaxia Edison Chinese School Board of Trustees (Term 2021-2022)
Chair: Mr. Guoliang Cao ( ܹ ) 732-215-8525
У Ԫ Ms. Yuan Liu 908-463-0898
У  Ms. Jing Li 704-779-0716
У ־ Mr. Zhijun He 848-391-8225
У Ms. Yanyan Liu 929-382-8103
У Ƽ Ms. Christine Zeng 732-407-8343
У ˷ Mr. Shifang Zhu 908-205-2049
У ཭ Mr. Peter Sun 239-738-2263